What's Up With Windows 8?

Windows 8 was meant to be the best of two worlds: the world of the content consumer and the world of the content creator. The new user interface (what is commonly known as the metro screen) was developed to give the content consumer quick and easy access to Facebook, Pinterest, their favorite recipe site….those things that they use on a consistent basis. The desktop is meant to be the world of the content creator. The traditional desktop still exists, you just have to hunt for it a little. Much like how you have to hunt for the power button.

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For now, Microsoft has left the content creator flapping in the breeze. Computing has become a little more challenged for them while Microsoft continues to shape the finer points of the new user interface. With the Windows 9 OS, that is expected sometime in 2015, the content creator should be better cared for. More focus is promised on the desktop portion of the OS.

Windows 8 - A Different Experience

Many have bemoaned the existence of Windows 8 because it is so different from any Microsoft product that has gone before. Honestly, I don’t feel that it is a good fit for business. It is interesting that Microsoft chose to extend the pre-install date for Windows 7 Pro for Business. I think that Microsoft also understands that Windows 8 isn’t a good fit for business consumers.

Microsoft, Apple and now Google seem determined to force consumers into a world where only the tablet exists but for now this isn’t feasible. Not all users can be tablet users all the time. Business can’t operate on tablets alone so desktops still have their place. Also, all business users aren’t touch screen users. The Windows 8 platform was meant to navigate users towards the world of the touch screen tablet. They see a benefit to having a seamless experience between our phones, tablets and desktops or laptops but for now our society just isn’t to that point. I believe that the desktop (or static work station) isn't dead and there is still a need for a no-nonsense, elegant operating system.

Microsoft may have realized that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Especially if he isn’t thirsty!

This article was originally posted in April 2014 on our Binary Aether Blog which is slowly being migrated here to our website.

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