Windows 10 Fall Update

The Windows 10 fall update rollout has been slated for November 12th. Sources also say that on this same date, the Xbox One will be updated to the new Windows 10 experience. Turco
  • This first Windows 10 Refresh (or Threshold 2) has several reported changes to the UI (user interface) and code optimizations for better use. Activation will now work as it should have with your original product key. Up until now under Settings > Upgrade & security > Activation, you would see “digital entitlement” instead of a product key.
  • It will deliver the new unified Skype experience which will allow use of messaging and video without having to open a separate Skype app.
  • The Start Menu will now have app advertisements from the Microsoft Store. This may not bother some but if you do not want the added noise of these advertisements, you should be able to turn them off in “Personalization” under “Settings.”
  • Microsoft is also bringing back a touch of color to the Windows tiles. Many were offended by the stark white appearance of the Windows 10 tiles so now you will have the option to add color ribbons. Again, this adjustment will be found in “Personalization.”
  • The Windows 10 fall update will offer a “Find My Device” option (found in Updates & Security). This option will allow a user to track their device via GPS should it ever be lost or stolen.
  • Microsoft Edge has also been updated with new security fixes and the ability to preview tabs by rolling over the tab.

There are several other options (including management of default printers and allowing you to store Windows apps on another drive for low storage devices) that are arriving with Threshold 2. In order to not put everyone to sleep, I won’t go into those here.

Here's Hoping Your Windows 10 Fall Update Goes Well

With all of that said, I hope that this Windows 10 fall update will go well for all of you who are already running Windows 10. If it doesn’t, make sure you have some old dishes nearby to break against the driveway. I’m sure any glitches that may arrive with this Refresh will be addressed quickly by Microsoft.

Any of you who remember Smokey and the Bandit II may also remember Sheriff Buford T. Justice’s Biofeedback bracelet that would go off when his blood pressure spiked. We all may need one of these before Microsoft is done with us. All together now: "Ommmmm..."

This article was originally posted in October 2015 on our Binary Aether Blog which is slowly being migrated here to our website.

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