Windows 10 Alert

Due to disturbing events over the past 48 hours, I decided to post this Windows 10 alert. I usually keep my Microsoft frustrations to myself but the latest developments are  not setting well with me. So without further ado, here is our Windows 10 alert:

The “Get Windows 10” (GWX) upgrade notice is now a checked part of Windows Update. This makes it easier for Windows 10 to launch automatically when the system reboots.

Has the Windows 10 upgrade turned into a virus? It seems that many users no longer have the ability to cancel the upgrade. The GWX upgrade installs itself on reboot. Microsoft's tactics when it comes to Windows 10 upgrades are bordering on malware.

In October, Microsoft sent assurances to people (who did not wish for their Windows 7 machines to be upgraded to Windows 10 before they were ready) that they would be able to opt out of the upgrade. This was important for many businesses who had specialized software and hardware that wasn't compatible with Windows 10. However, something changed between then and February.

In February, rumors began about instant, unauthorized upgrades of systems to Windows 10. Many in the industry shrugged their shoulders and said: “Surely, it was operator error.” We now know that Microsoft sent updates that override the registry keys they allowed users to employ to disable the WinX upgrade. As of this week, the instances of unauthorized Windows 10 upgrades are increasing fast.

Businesses: Heed This Windows 10 Alert

This is a problem for businesses that can't run their existing software and/or hardware with Windows 10. You might think they should just bite the bullet and upgrade everything but that isn't always an option. Just because Windows 10 exists doesn't mean that all business software and hardware is prepared to run on it. And, why would Microsoft give an end of extended support date of 2020 on Windows 7 if they only plan to strip it away from all systems this year?

Let us choose to run the OS we want. If that means that we will have to purchase Windows 10 later instead of getting the free upgrade, so be it. Leave our Windows 7 alone.

I have a feeling that Microsoft took a look at the struggle they faced when they mothballed XP and they decided, "Never, again!" I wonder how many business owners have walked in on a Monday morning, fired up their computers, only to find the system upgraded to Windows 10 and will no longer work with their POS systems. Even worse, the loss of their POS software has knocked out their access to their inventory.

Not cool, Microsoft.

Update: 5/4/16

A week ago KCCI 8 in Iowa felt the frustration of the Windows 10 PUP. During a weather update covering thunderstorms that were passing through the area, Metinka Slater, the station's meteorologist, found herself in front of a map that was covered with the "Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10" popup. When is this madness going to end? Here is a link to a CNET article covering the event.

Update: 5/6/16

This doesn't fall into the "Upgrade to Windows 10 Now" category but it is just as bad. Pro-gamer Erik "fl0m" Flom was interrupted at a very crucial point in a live streaming Counter-Strike event. After 8 hours and 54 minutes of play, and in front of 130,000 viewers, Windows 10 decided to update itself and restart. After nearly 10 minutes of waiting for his system to reboot, Erik gave up and turned off the live stream. Way to go, Microsoft! Please tell me that passenger planes don't run Windows 10.

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