Website Building and My SBI Story

Website building requests are a constant occurance at our shop. Most people are looking for help building a website or they are looking for someone to build a website for them. While I do my own website building, I just don't have time to build for others or do any training. What I do have is advice.

My Website Building Experience

I built my first website around 2004. I have worked with several different platforms through the years but the absolute best I've ever worked with is SiteSell. You may have seen the SBI! ads if you have been hunting for a website builder, but thought they may not be as good as Go Daddy or Squarespace. Wrong!! They are the greatest secret on the web.

I built my first website with SiteSell around 2011. That website was a project for me. I wanted to finally understand how to fully design and manage my own site and I had been recommended to them several times over the previous three years, but like others, I wondered if they would offer enough of what I was looking for since they didn't seem to put as much into advertising as Go Daddy or Squarespace.

Website building isn't rocket science but it is equally cool!!

Now I know.... just because a website builder sponsors a NASCAR team or runs Super Bowl ads, that doesn't make them a good provider. Trust me, our shop's website was with Go Daddy for eight years. When I moved it to SBI!  at the beginning of 2016, our numbers went up immediately. The difference in traffic between the two sites was like night and day. That first website that I built with SBI! back in 2011, is gone but it served its purpose well. That is where I learned content marketing and website building all at once.

What Makes SiteSell Different

Immediately after signing up with SiteSell, they start you in the SBI! Action Guide. Their first and biggest lesson is this: don't choose your web address and niche until you go through their guide. They know what they are talking about! Once you have gone through the SBI Action Guide, and follow up with the tons of material they offer in their Tips n' Techniques HQ, you will have something similar to a master's degree in content marketing and web design. After you have applied your learning and hard work to a website for a year, you will be more on the PhD level.

The same SBI training and education software and community are provided to everyone. Your success comes from your effort and hard work, not from how much you pay for your website host. At Go Daddy, I kept paying more for each advanced level trying to unlock better widgets, shopping carts, greater data storage, etc... but still never advanced in my traffic numbers. With SiteSell I pay one price, the same as everyone else, and I get everything that is offered to everyone else.

Secret Sauce: The SiteSell Family

Ken Evoy, the founder of is a regular and active member of the forums and he honestly reads and contributes to the forums. I've never met him, but he seems like a neighbor not a “founder in an ivory tower.” As of 2011, Go Daddy has been owned by a private equity consortium. Trying to get help in a non-stressed way while I was with Go Daddy was a nightmare. The other side of the coin was the constant phone calls for months to our shop each year when our website was nearing renewal. These phone calls took me away from our customers and drove me crazy because I knew I was throwing big money at something that was doing nothing for our business.

With SiteSell, I never get nuisance calls from people trying to “upsell” me. With SiteSell, all I have to do is go to the huge SBI! library or the forums with any questions and I have my answer very quickly and without pain or stress. The SBI! community of entrepreneurs is like a huge family. Many who started as customers of SiteSell are now working as support while they also run their own sites. That says volumes to me about dedication and loyalty. And, 62% of SBIers are in the top 3% of Alexa ranked Internet sites.

So here is my advice to anyone looking to become an online entrepreneur or build a website for a business they work for or own: Go with SiteSell and you won't be disappointed. If you are willing to put in the work, they will give you the tools and knowledge. However, if you decide that website building is still too much work for you, you can always hire the SiteSell Professionals to build and manage your site for you (at an extra fee, of course).

Here is an excellent video tour of SiteSell that will answer many of your questions and some you may not even know you had. It runs about 30 minutes in total but is completely worth the investment of your time.

And here are some highlights from the video:

  • The Action Guide is explained in Chapter 1 of the Tour.
  • The Brainstorm It! Keyword generator and niche finder is covered in Chapter 2.
  • Their traffic building process is covered in Chapter 6. (This is a major difference between SBI and Go Daddy)
  • Chapter 7 Tour illustrates how SBI! helps with Search Engine rankings.
  • Brand building is covered in Chapter 8.

If you want to learn how to make a profitable Internet business, check out Solo Build It. If you sign up for Solo Build It! through the video link given above, you can start your own online business today, and I'll receive a small commission that helps to support this website. Thank you in advance, and if you have questions about getting your new Solo Build It! website started you can head over to our Contact Page with any questions or comments about Solo Build It.

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