Our Unique Computer Builds are Head Turners

Phil works tirelessly on his unique computer builds and believes that computers should be seen as works of art. We enjoy pushing the limits of what a computer can look like. Each time we create a new piece of technological art, it stands alone with no match.

We make only one of each kind.

This all started during his time working in the corporate world. He constantly saw people shoving their computers under their desks and hiding them behind furniture or covering them with coats and files. Besides this being a bad heating issue for the components, it was also clear that they thought the computer was ugly…something to be hidden.

He began plans for a computer that was built inside a desk.

Flash forward several years, after Phil left the corporate world and opened his own shop…someone brought in a Powermac G3. Phil, being a PC man, had no use for it. However, the more he thought about it, he decided to make that G3 a PC and the Bad Apple was born.

Next, we had some old lab equipment show up. Phil decided to create a "fallout shelter style" computer out of an old capacitor analyzer.

About the same time, a customer brought in an old radio cabinet that he had refurbished…soon it was a full-fledged computer.

And here is what happens when Phil finds an M728 Proximity Fuze...

Phil has built many unique computer builds since 2008, and he continues to build them today. We are now offering these designs for purchase online. Before now, they could only be purchased in our store.

There can be only one!

Why do we do this? Because we can.

Why do we sell these unique computer builds? To share them with others, plus we can’t just keep them all. We understand that they must be set free into the world to compute and prosper.

Each of these cool custom computers is equipped with the latest technology. Some are more souped up than others – those are considered our gaming rigs, but all are easily expandable in memory, hard drive, video, etc… The great thing about these systems is that you can upgrade them as technology moves forward – try to do that with a plain-Jane laptop!

Here are some of our past unique custom computers.

Each PC mod is available as “first come, first served.” Once each is gone – there won’t be another built just like it. All are one-of-a-kind and each has its own serial number and date of creation.

These systems are all functional works of art. When you buy one of our unique computer builds, you are getting a top quality computer system that can be used for casual, business, or gaming applications.

Each system comes with the same one year warranty as our new custom builds.  Of course, you will need to have a quality computer tech near you to help keep your computer healthy (ie malware cleaning) as it is risky to continuously long-haul ship your computer system back and forth for maintenance.

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