That Does it, I'm Switching to Ting!

Why am I switching to Ting? We recently had a rude awakening with AT&T and T-Mobile. I tell you, I'm mad and I'm not going to take it anymore. I am tired of being bullied into a technology eco-sphere that I disagree with just because that is the way it always has been done.

A lot of people have found themselves in the same boat because they made compromises just to get by at the time with no major disruptions. They chose to follow  the way it has always been they're the frog in the boiling pot.

My issue with T-Mobile started about a week ago when I needed to upgrade a couple of SIM cards. I have been with T-Mobile since 2007 and I have three lines on an unlimited family plan. I've been very happy and anytime I needed assistance, I always got a friendly, helpful assistant and was never pressured into anything.

I bought my first three phones directly from T-Mobile in 2007 but since then my family has been through two phone updates and we have bought inexpensive, unlocked phones. So, last week when I called T-Mobile for assistance in ordering two replacement SIM cards, I was shocked to find the friendly assistant pressuring me into purchasing handset protection. I explained that we own a repair shop and do our own repairs. She asked where we purchased our phones and what they were. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was when I was told that I would have to put the SIM cards on a credit card. They wouldn't add the $40 to my monthly bill, I had to pay it upfront even though I had paid my bill on time for the last 10 years.

I felt like the trust was gone at that point.

Since switching to Ting for our shop's cell phone service, we've been very happy. Their SIM cards are $9 and I can order one anytime I want and activate it anytime I want. Their pricing is very easy to follow and much cheaper than what I was paying for at T-Mobile. There aren't any contracts and I can watch my usage in real time. So, my family's cell phones will soon be switching to Ting.

Ting is owned by Tucows and I've trusted them with my websites for six years now. I think I can trust them with my cell phones. I figure I will be saving close to $100 per month with the switch.

I wish switching to Ting was possible for our business phones...

I recently had to switch our business landlines thanks to AT&T's strong-arm tactics. It all started with letters of explanation about how new legislation was making them get rid of the business plan we had been on for 9 years. (Sounds like our healthcare, right?) and we needed to contact them about a new plan. Well, I knew that if I contacted them to resolve this issue, I would be sold on another long term contract that of course would be more expensive than what we had been paying. So, while I was shopping for alternatives, we received our first bill under the new standards. Our bill was 65% higher than it's regular amount. I know the reason for this. It is their way to force me to call immediately and make a knee-jerk choice for another long-term expensive contract.

What did I do instead?

I went to our Internet provider and talked to them about their business phone plans. I know what you are thinking: what if the Internet is down, then I won't have phones. Yes, but in the 9 years we've been with CableOne, we have experienced a total of about 30 minutes down time collectively. I call that a trusted source. CableOne offered us a 3 year contract price and a month-to-month price. The difference was about $30 but I gladly accepted the month-to-month price just so I wouldn't feel trapped into a long-term contract. Because... if you have been following our Right to Repair articles, we may not get 3 years to remain a repair shop. Gotta' love corporate progress!

The two people I talked to at CableOne were very friendly and professional. No shell game here. We have had  CableOne at our house for about the last 5 years. I switched from AT&T U-verse and have been very happy ever since. There is a lot to be said for true customer service. AT&T's customer service always left me curled up in the fetal position under a desk, whereas, CableOne's customer service is like speaking to a colleague or friend.

So why am I sharing my switching to Ting story with you? I am hoping that it will give you the courage or support to fire an under-performing service you have in your life. Whether it is a cell phone service, a cable provider, or even a healthcare provider. If they aren't trying their best to offer you good service, go somewhere else. If they've gotten lazy and just expect you to fork over your hard earned money for them and find someone else.

By the way, if you are looking for a new cell phone provider, you really should think about switching to Ting. If you want a $25 credit to start out with, use our link. You will get the $25 credit and we will get a credit as well on our service. Win – win!

I also like their latest blog post that helps you keep a level head when choosing a new phone.

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