Pokemon Go Crashes and Fixes

The new Pokemon Go craze is creating some headaches and we saw our first instance of a bug in the code this week in our shop. A customer came in with an iPhone 5C that seemed to be having a problem with its camera. When the camera was turned on, a large purple strip would appear. Eventually, the entire screen would freeze. After running through a checklist of possible suspects, it was found to be a software issue. The customer then remembered that these issues started sometime after downloading the new Pokemon Go app. He tried uninstalling the app but couldn't seem to get it completely off of his phone. Hopefully, a future update of the app will correct the glitch.

Pokemon Go by Niantic, Inc.

After seeing this possible glitch, I began researching the Pokemon Go app and found a few other things that I thought I should share....just a few things for you to keep in mind if you are thinking about downloading the app or already have.

Full Access to Google Account

The most serious issue I've found, so far, is the fact that if you sign up for the app using your Google account, the game may have full access to your account. This happened with iOS device users who signed up using their Google accounts. Once Niantic Labs discovered that a bit of faulty code was requesting full access to users' Google accounts, they began the process to fix the permissions requests to only include profile information like the user ID and email address. Until this fix is fully implemented (they say it has been addressed with the recent iOS update 1.01), many iOS users are left flapping in the breeze. You can check your status by going to your Google account settings and see which of your apps have full access.

Server Traffic Crashes Games

Next, because there has been a flood of people signing up for the app, Niantic has been plagued by server outages. This is creating a great deal of frustration for players. Many may not have the patience to stick with the app until the server issue is ironed out but until then, be prepared for capture glitches and crashes.

Turning Off LTE

For iPhone users who are experiencing screen freezes and strange bands of color, a recent bit of advice on Reddit has people turning off LTE on their phones. Many reported in that after they went into: settings-> cellular option-> select cellular data options-> select enable LTE and then selected off; everything started to smooth itself out. I'm not sure that this is a cure-all, but you can try it.

Currently No Android Update for Pokemon Go Available

The first major update (1.01) has just been released for iOS. The Android update is not available at this time. This update is addressing security issues, like the one concerning Google account permissions, and network traffic stability.  There have been reports of this update crashing users who are using Pokemon Trainer Club accounts to sign into the app but reportedly, Google account users are unaffected.

So, there you have it. The latest and hottest news in the world of Pokemon Go! I think I will remain with The Woz and stick to Tetris.

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