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Have you thought about creating your own online business? Maybe you have tried in the past but felt like you failed. The creative spark is still there but you don’t know where to start. What you are struggling with is the desire to make something that is your own. This “maker movement” has been sweeping the globe for several years now. In the beginning, many thought that the maker movement only pertained to independent inventors creating things like 3D printers, but no, the maker movement includes designers and inventors from all walks of life.

You want to create your own online business...that is an invention, something you design and build to your specifications. Yes, some people just want an e-commerce site for multi-level marketing projects, but most want to create something new or different to sell ideas or products or even instruction. If this is you, I want to help.

When you become an online entrepreneur, the sky is the limit. You are no longer hobbled by your paygrade. Plus, you get to choose what you want to do or sell so choose a business that interests or excites you.

Most importantly: this is definitely not a get rich quick plan. Building a business, whether you are dealing with brick and mortar or online, takes time, effort and commitment. This ain’t no Sea Monkeys kit! You don’t get to set it and forget it while the mailbox money piles up. As with any brick and mortar business, this may take several months to get up and running.

Try My Free Create Your Own Online Business E-Course

If you are still interested and would like help navigating the waters of becoming an online entrepreneur, you can try my free e-course. If at the end of the e-course you want to push through to the next level, I also offer a more in-depth program. My Entrepreneur Master Plan program includes master plan printouts to help guide you through the early stages of planning your business. In this premium program we also work on building your online business from the foundation up. It includes topics like:

  • Smart computer and device choices
  • How to choose the right computer, cell phone, and devices for your business
  • Why it is important to have a computer and cell phone that is dedicated to your business
  • Organization tools
  • Planning for later additions like membership software and shopping carts

Once you have completed the Entrepreneur Master Plan program, you will have the opportunity to return for one-on-one mentoring. Details of that program will are shared at the end of the Entrepreneur Master Plan program.

For over 15 years I have researched online entrepreneurship and I built my first website in 2004. During that time, I have helped many people with their own online entrepreneurship. I have watched all of the fads come and go and cringed when I saw smart people fall for some of those fads. Many people sacrifice a long-lasting, profitable business for quick cash, and that’s a shame. With patience and practice, you can build a strong, commercially successful online business that will last many years. So, get back on that horse and sign up for my free e-course. What do you have to loose? It’s free!

Free E-Course: Create Your Own Online Business

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