How to Pick a New Laptop You Can Live With

Are you in the market for a new laptop? While we don’t build laptops, we’ve definitely worked on every brand you can imagine and we can give you some pointers to use before your next purchase.

Let’s start with features and accessories.

As you may have already noticed, most new laptops do not have DVD players. This is becoming an outdated form of data storage, so if there is some reason that you still need to use a DVD player, make sure your choice of laptop includes a player or you will need to buy an external DVD player to hook into your laptop.

Another thing that is changing on laptops is the type and amount of external ports available. Check to see how many USB, HDMI, etc… ports that are on each laptop. The type of ports needed will vary with each user.

Battery Power

If running your laptop on battery power matters to you, check to see which laptops offer a removable battery. Most new systems don’t have an easy access battery. If you experience problems with your battery, you will probably need to take your laptop to a repair center or return it to the manufacturer in order to have its battery changed.

Watch Those Screens

Don’t stack heavy objects on top of super-thin laptops. Unbalanced, extreme weight can cause screens to break. We’ve also seen several cracked screens in the shop that were the result of a laptop being carried in a tight backpack with books, charging cord, phone, etc… wedged against the top of the laptop.

And About Those Great New Laptop Deals...

If a laptop has a really great price, check its RAM and processor. These  days, it is best to have at least 4 GB of RAM. Do a quick Google check on the processor. Laptops use mobile processors which work differently than desktop processors. If you are wanting to play AAA games, you will need to look for a gaming style laptop like the MSI series of gaming laptops. If you are wanting a laptop for everyday work use, you probably won’t want a Chromebook so make sure you know which operating system you are getting.

Most laptops on the market today that are under $500 are built more like a tablet than a laptop. This means they usually have less functionality than laptops built a year or two ago. These new laptops that are on the cheaper end are meant for light usage and Cloud storage so don’t expect great performance.

A Word on MacBooks

If you are considering an Apple / Mac product, make sure you are taking into consideration the following facts:

  • You will need to make sure their operating system will work with all the software, programs, apps that you need to run.
  • You will also need to have easy access to an AppleCare Service Center or Authorized Apple Service Center in case of any necessary software or hardware repair.

A Final Word...

Of course, desktops are still your best value when it comes to needing something sturdy and powerful that will last many years. However, if you are needing something mobile, a laptop is still a better choice than a tablet or phone.

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