Microsoft - Welcome to the Future

So, Microsoft is making me move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and really don't feel like I have any choice in the matter....

I currently have a love / hate relationship with technology and I know that seems odd since we own a computer repair shop.

I grew up in the “Texas Triangle” in the 1970s and 1980s and my dad was in the thick of the computer “business.” I have fond memories of my first time dialing into the University of Texas library system from a computer in my dad’s office and what I wouldn’t give to have all of our copies of Byte Magazine back.

Building computers and pushing their limits was the center of the world I grew up in. I have to admit that in my household, I was taught to be wary of IBM, Microsoft, Apple, etc…because these were all corporations wanting to corner the computing market.

My father built his own systems, wrote the software, and supported the systems that he sold to city governments, hospitals, and such. He was constantly being held to limits placed upon him by the big boys as to what he could do with his technology.

Having said all of this, I loved the technology side of our world but I hated the politico-religious side of it. Hatlelid

Flash forward to present day….I am looking around me and I see the “big boys” and how they have made their technology necessary for society to move forward and I also am seeing how they have turned people into nothing more than bits of data. This is sad and scary at the same time. It’s like seeing the unicorn tied down and thrown in a cage. Our phones, laptops, desktops, cars, washers and dryers are all tracking our “technology experience” so that they can “provide us with better service in the future.” Eeewww! Can anyone say SKYNET? I don’t want Google to choose my search criteria for me and I don’t want Microsoft to send their preferred partners to me to sell me something. I want to be left alone to graze in technoland and “choose my own experience.”

Microsoft or Linux, That is the Question

I now find myself spending more and more time with my Linux computers. I have been watching Ubuntu and Mint do a stellar job of stepping up to the plate and providing a better and more secure computing experience to those people who have grown weary of Microsoft and Mac’s attempts to control them.

Two years ago Gabe Newell of Valve Software (SteamOS), made the announcement that Steam would be putting its efforts towards building a gaming platform for Linux. Newell , formerly of Microsoft, has often stated his displeasure with Windows 8 and the whole hijacking of the gaming world in general by gaming systems that demand you stay in their sandbox only, rent their games, and never venture out. His company is now working closely with Ubuntu to make Linux a force in the gaming world. I know there are several of you out there right now laughing at this but we will let time and the marketplace play out their hands before saying “never.”

Switching gears now to those people who use their computers for business and enterprise, we find many who are not happy with what Microsoft has handed them. Windows used to be a staple in business settings but with the introduction of Windows 8, it was clear that they no longer felt the need to cater to enterprise. Again Linux has stepped up and is filling in the gaps that Microsoft has created. The Mint OS has a Windows 7 feel and is very user friendly. For anyone needing a stable and reliable operating system, Mint is the answer. Also, if today is the first day you have ever heard of Linux, you can still hit the ground running with Mint. It has a very small learning curve.

Now, if you decide that you want to stick with Windows 10 or maybe you love the experience of 10 so far, that is fine also. We all have our own opinions and we should be allowed to keep our own opinions. I will be posting information on Windows 10 alongside Linux information and hopefully I can be helpful in your navigating of the OS of your choice.

This article was originally posted in August 2015 on our Binary Aether Blog which is slowly being migrated here to our website.

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