Latest Security News Summary

Here is a quick rundown of the latest security news for PC, Mac/iPhone and Android systems. This information is included in our monthly newsletter and quarterly, I try to do a summary of information here on the website for those who don't receive the newsletter. 

Q1 of 2016

Android Security:

  • Only install apps from trusted official stores and avoid third party sources.
  • Install a security application.

According to AV Test, here is the current Top 7 Android security apps:

Cheetah Mobile
G Data
Qihoo 360
Trend Micro

PC / Mac Security:

  • Currently AV Test registers over 390,000 new malicious programs every day.
  • There was a huge surge in malware in 2013 and again in 2014. 2015 showed a leveling out of new threats; however, the first weeks of 2016 are showing a new surge.

The amount of Mac OS X malware specimens are growing. In 2014 OS X and iOS had more security gaps than Linux or Windows. These breaches exist in outsourced programs or drivers. This explains the January release of OS X (ver. 10.11) El Capitan. 

With version 10.11, Apple has locked out root from various file system paths and core functions. Their System Integrity Protection reduces root privileges in an attempt to increase security. However, any previously installed hardware or peripherals that have unsigned kernel extensions may be wiped out after upgrading to El Capitan.

  • As more Macs appear in offices, the amount of malware written for them will increase.

AV Test's current top 5 Mac security software:

Avast Mac Security 2015 11.3
Avira Free Antivirus 3.2
Bitdefender for Mac 4.0
ESET Endpoint Security 6.1
Kaspersky Internet Security 15.0

AV Test current top 4 antivirus software for Windows 10:

Avira Antivirus Pro 2015
Kaspersky 2016
Norton 2015

In Other News:

The new Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection that is rolling out soon takes a step up from the traditional way of looking for malicious code and is now detecting system activity that looks out of the ordinary. In this way, the new Defender will be using the power of the Cloud to protect your system. More news on this later.

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