Why is My Laptop Battery Dead?

Is your laptop battery dead? Most laptop batteries have a lifespan of about a year. This is usually because they aren't charged correctly. Newer laptops have software that  monitors batteries and charges them only when needed however, software can get buggy.

We used to order laptop batteries for customers but we were having a hard time tracking down quality batteries that could be delivered in a few days and were reliable. These days we tell our customers to check out Amazon. There hasn't been a laptop battery yet that I couldn't find on Amazon and most are Prime listed items.

Optimus Isn't the Only Prime

The Amazon Prime account is an awesome program. When I first signed up a couple of years ago, I only did it to add Amazon videos to our Roku. I really didn't think that I would use it for much else. I was wrong. I love the fast, free shipping perks. If you have an Amazon Prime account and you purchase a laptop battery or laptop charger (those die easily, too) through Amazon with your Prime account, you will get it delivered within 2 days. Most items I order before 2pm show up at our shop the next day. If you would like to try out an Amazon Prime account, I will leave you a link below. If you sign up for Prime using that link, we will receive a small commission (about enough to get Phil a cup of coffee).

Here are some tips to extend the life of your laptop battery:

1. When you get a new battery, charge it to 100%. Next, run it until it hits 0%. Charge it again to 100% and now you should have a well conditioned battery.

2. Make sure your laptop charger is in good shape. If the dog has chewed halfway through the cord and you have taped it up with electrical tape...it probably isn't the best idea. Yes, it still works but what kind of power is it delivering to your laptop?

3. Don't put stress on the charging port. We repair dozens of charging ports every month. If a charging port is loose, every time you move the cord around it could be sending small shorts to your battery or motherboard.

4. Don't let the battery get too hot or cold. Many people think nothing of leaving their laptop in a car during the extreme summer or winter months...this will kill your battery and possibly other hardware as well. Lithium-ion batteries degrade fast at high temperatures. Another hint: make sure your laptop gets plenty of airflow while you are using it. Overheating kills more laptops than accidental drops.

5. Don't leave the laptop plugged in all the time. Yes, as I said before there is usually on-board software that will manage your laptop's charging behavior. However, that software often gets buggy with updates. Letting the laptop run on battery power alone will help it remember how to manage its energy settings.

Ready for a new laptop battery?

If you find yourself in need of a battery and / or charger, check out Amazon (I'll leave a link below – again an affiliate link). They have the best prices and service. Remember, don't throw your dead battery in the trash. These batteries have lithium mixed with other toxic materials. Find a recycling center near you with call2recycle.org.

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