The New Kindle Oasis

There's a new Kindle in town...the Kindle Oasis and I'm impressed. We have several customers who own Kindle e-readers and sometimes they show up with broken ones. When they ask if we do repairs, we tell them that it just isn't cost effective to repair them. Kindles are already so affordable that once you add up the cost to repair a screen or charging port, you are very near the price of a new Kindle. I try to keep up to date with the daily deals over at Amazon so I can share the tips with our customers. So, today I am going to let everyone know that the new Kindle Oasis is set to launch July 17th and it looks pretty cool. If you choose to purchase the Oasis using the links on this site, we will receive a very small commission that will go towards keeping this website running.

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How Much is a Kindle Oasis Going to Cost?

Since they aren't out yet, I can't get one in my thermal paste covered hands to give it a test drive but I will share the research I've done so far.

First of all, I know many of you are going to balk at the price tag. It is set at $289.99 and that is without the $19.99 power adapter BUT Amazon is also offering a payment plan. You can opt to pay 5 monthly payments of $58.00 instead of the full amount up front. I used a similar payment plan when I bought my Kindle Paperwhite two years ago.

So, what do you get with the new Oasis?

This is the thinnest and lightest Kindle and it weighs in at almost half the weight of the Paperwhite edition. It has a new ergonomic wedge design that includes dedicated buttons on the wedge handgrip to turn pages. Also, whether you choose to read left or right handed, the Kindle Oasis auto-rotates the page orientation to match.

The Oasis also boasts 60% more LEDs than previous models which provide a more consistent brightness across the screen and prevents eyestrain. This device has the strongest cover glass of all the Kindle models and has no glare, even in direct sunlight.

The frame of the Oasis is infused with metal using structural electroplating. This is a process that gives plastics a tough metal exoskeleton. It creates a plastic hybrid that is  more durable than lightweight metals.

Another huge plus is the long battery life. The Kindle Oasis will now have the longest battery life of all the Kindle models. The “how” is also very cool: The Oasis comes with a removable leather charging cover (in black, merlot or walnut) that charges along with the device while the two are snapped together and plugged in. Later, while you are on the go, the cover will automatically recharge the device for months of combined battery life. Also, when the cover is closed on the Oasis, it puts the device to sleep. When the cover is opened, it wakes the Oasis from power saving hibernation.

I bought my first kindle about two years ago and I have loved it from the beginning. At times I've thought of getting a Kindle Fire but I choose to stay with my Paperwhite because it gives me distraction free reading. This new Oasis has me thinking that I might need a second Kindle.

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