Intel vs AMD

There is quite a bit of competition between Intel and AMD and there are definitely fanboys on both sides. You may notice that on our custom built systems, we are using Intel CPUs for the home and office systems and AMD for the PC gaming rigs. Here is the why:

“Intel Skylake built side by side with Windows 10”

The Intel Skylake CPUs were, as Intel likes to put it: “built side by side with Windows 10.” This type of software / CPU marriage should make for a somewhat effortless work space for users. Our customers who are buying our home and office systems, are wanting a machine that is ready to go out of the box. They don't usually want to do a  lot of fine tuning to their hardware. Their interest lies in the software they will be running. Also, for power users who are running long-term graphics rendering or editing software, the Intel chip with its onboard graphics will run longer at a lower heat level.

AMD FX are True CPUs

As for the PC gaming rigs, we are currently using the AMD FX series CPUs. These are true CPUs that don't have onboard graphics to fall back on. A rig utilizing these AMD FX CPUs can still run many games with only the motherboard's onboard graphics. However, these CPUs are meant to be used with dedicated graphics cards. The AMD FX series CPUs do run at higher temps than Intel chips, so you will want to make sure you equip your rig with an optimal cooling system to match your hardware.

The FX 9590 8-core that you will find in our AMD FX Omega System, was originally marketed by AMD to the commercial system builders only. However, once a few leaked out to the gaming enthusiast community and they began harnessing the 8-core's power to run hard core games, AMD released the CPU to the mainstream public. Serious, hard core gamers now use these chips alongside powerful Crossfire or SLI linked graphics cards to run some of the most powerful gaming rigs.

Performance at the Quarter Mile

Basically, what we have done by offering the Intel on the home/office side versus the AMD CPU on the gaming side is this:

Intel vs AMD

The Intel i7 system is similar to buying a Corvette Z06 stock off the showroom floor and taking it out to the track. You will see incredible scores in the quarter mile and beat most of your friends. On the other hand, the AMD system is similar to buying a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and adding a few of your own conversions and then leaving everyone else in your dust at the track.

Yes, you can use our Intel i7 system to do some serious gaming and you can use our AMD FX custom as a powerful work system, really, the choice is up to you.

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