Hicurdismos: Pretends to be Microsoft Security Essentials

There is a new bit of malware in town and its name is Hicurdismos. This drive-by download tries to trick users into contacting tech support scammers for paid assistance. Hicurdismos uses an icon that looks similar to Microsoft’s Security Essentials icon and is usually bundled with other software that a user might download. These downloads are usually found with gaming software, coupon toolbars, free programs and apps, etc.

Once the program is run, a fake “blue screen of death” appears and the mouse cursor is disabled to make it seem like the user’s computer has truly crashed. The “big tell” in all of this is the toll-free number added to the error screen prompting users to call for technical support over the phone.

If you are using Microsoft’s Edge or Internet Explorer, a warning should appear when the malware is detected that running the program could harm the computer. They have also added detection and removal capabilities against the malware to their Windows Defender security program.

Tips to remember to keep your computer safe from Hicurdismos:

1. Be aware of the things you choose to download. Is the source a trusted one? Are they bundling a bunch of other programs like toolbars and fake anti-virus programs that you weren’t expecting.

2. Never call any number that appears on your screen...especially those promising technical support. Call your local computer repair shop instead.

3. Install a strong anti-malware software alongside your chosen anti-virus software. For a quick discussion on the difference between the two you can take a look at my article here. Or, for more information, you can sign up for my Crash Course in Cybersecurity class online.

We recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Protection which includes their Anti-Exploit Protection. You can safely reach their website by using the link below. If you choose to purchase Malwarebytes using this link, we will receive a small commission but you won’t be charged extra. In fact, their Premium product is currently on sale for $39.95. Don’t miss it and yes, we do use Malwarebytes on our own computers.

Stay safe out there and think before you click. There is always a ton of click bait running around the Internet just waiting for its next unsuspecting victim. If you run across something that seems like a sensational story or it has an interesting picture with a catchy headline, it could be malware. Check its source before clicking on it by rolling your mouse over the link and see what appears at the bottom of your screen. If  the URL looks dodgy, then just walk away. Actions like these will keep you safe from malware like Hicurdismos.

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