Gaming Console Repair

In the past, we have turned away many gaming console repair jobs just because we didn’t have the room to expand our bench. However, with our current war we are waging on corporate America’s plan to make you rent your devices instead of own them, we have decided to make the room necessary to assist you in your console repair needs.

Playstation 4 and Xbox One Gaming Console Repair

We are now offering repairs on Playstation 4, 4 Slim, and 4 Pros along with Xbox Ones. Repair cost vary based on the type of damage to your console. We charge a $50 upfront diagnostic fee and if the console is fixable, the diagnostic charge is then credited to the final repair cost. **For a limited time, if you bring in one of our Right 2 Repair coupons, you will get 50% off the upfront diagnostic charge.


We are serious about helping you repair the things you own. Why wait weeks for your gaming console to be shipped off for repair? We want you to enjoy the things you own. Why own a gaming console if you never get to play it? These little machines work hard and put up with a lot of abuse, it only makes sense to have someone local who can get you back into action again quickly and make it affordable.

Tips for keeping your gaming console out of our shop:

  • Keep it cool! Make sure it has plenty of air flow at all times.
  • School of hard knocks: Don't let it get moved around a lot and don't stack heavy things on top of it.
  • Don't keep food or drinks around it. Liquid damage kills. Food particles in the console added to the heat of the unit attract roaches. These are killers too!

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