Before You Buy Your Next Gaming Computer

Over the past year, we've had several gaming computers arrive in our shop that were purchased from well known online sellers. These rigs came to us for different reasons. Some were just virused up which is a common thing these days. However, when we opened these rigs up to retrieve data from their hard drives, we found sad, wimpy components.

For the price these customers paid to those big name gaming rig stores, they should have received a lot more than what was delivered to them. The problem is in the fine print: they can substitute components for a variety of reasons without the customer's approval. That means they can downgrade from the item that was shown or listed in the ad. Usually, most customers don't know the difference between two different types of components and they just trust that they are getting a phenomenal rig for the amount of money they are paying.

We Contact Our Customers With Any Adjustments

Our custom computers have their parts list visible and any changes made are either equal swaps or we contact our customer and discuss their options. If we have to swap a component, it is only done after the customer's approval and the price reflects the swap.

We have also seen some of these name brand gaming computers fresh out of the box since the company selling the computer didn't load all of the required drivers. This is something that many who are buying these rigs aren't comfortable with doing themselves. Our custom computers arrive with all drivers in place and each is put through a full system check before it leaves our shop.

Your Own Gaming Computer, Tailored to Your Specifications

Our custom builds have our name on them so we want to make sure that they are something an owner can be proud of. When you order a computer from us, you will be in contact with the actual people who are building your rig. Just like having your wardrobe tailored to your fit, we custom build the computer you want and will be proud to run.

You Are Not Just Another Number to Us

Before you make your next gaming computer purchase, please take a look at our custom systems. All are fully customizable and the wait time from order to delivery is competitive with the big brands. The difference is the value and knowing that our reputation is important to us so we want you to be happy...with Absolute Computers you are not just another number.

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