Ever Since You Worked On My Computer

"Ever Since You Worked on my Computer..."

This is a loaded phrase and it is like nails on a chalkboard for computer techs. We hear it a lot at the shop and do our best to move past its possible meaning. You see, some people say it very innocently as a matter of fact but others wield it like a chunk of kryptonite. It is true, once a computer has issues and is taken in for repairs, depending on the repair and many other factors, the computer that you get back will not work exactly as it did before. There are different reasons for this and I will cover a few here:


Each person has their own way of organizing saved items on their computer. Some save everything to their desktop so they have quick and easy access to the item. Others aren’t really sure where things go when they hit save they just have found the shortcuts for these items. For example when a document is created in Word or a spreadsheet is made in Excel and the author hits save, the document is parked usually in a documents folder. However, many have learned that when they choose “Open” in Word or Excel, a nifty list of recent documents appears. That is great for the short term or for a document that you access daily or weekly but when you lose Word or Excel and they need to be reloaded, that list of recent documents disappears.

The point here is that when your computer gets wiped due to a massive viral infection, we try to save all your documents and pictures and reload them onto your clean computer. When we do this, we create a folder on your computer and place all the saved material into it.


Many people get home and have difficulty getting their printer to work. Some panic when they can’t find some specialized software like PhotoShop or Quick Books. Again when a computer is wiped and returned to factory defaults, it only contains the software that is a part of the operating system. Fun fact: Microsoft Office has never been a part of the operating system.

This is why it is very important to keep all software discs, print drivers, and download codes in an easily accessible place. These are things that you will need to reinstall when you get your computer home.


People who are still using older versions of Outlook or Outlook Express really should look into upgrading to Outlook.com. The difference is that Outlook.com now employs IMAP technology. Basically with this tech, you can reroute all of your other email accounts to your Outlook account and all emails are saved to their servers.

In the past with older versions of Outlook, all emails were saved to an individual’s hard drive. If the computer was wiped and returned to factory defaults without extracting the email folder first….all would be lost. With the new Outlook.com all of your emails can be accessed anywhere all in one place. I was never a fan of Outlook before but this new reincarnation of Outlook I finally approve of. It is also getting raves over Gmail in the IT professional world.


If you access the internet through a wireless modem or router, your internet connection will need to be reset after a wipe and reload. The best way to manage this is to keep a cheat sheet near your computer that has your wireless user ID and password.


Finally, anytime your computer comes in with malware issues we will at the very least clear out your browser history and cookies. Make sure you save any important websites to your favorites. We place your favorites with your saved documents in the User Folder. Basically it is impractical to surf the Net using your browser history. Remember it is better to over-save to your favorites list…you can always delete.

So, before you say, "Ever since you worked on my computer"

So, before you pick up that phone or visit your friendly, neighborhood computer tech, remember that they have feelings too. There usually isn’t anything wrong with your computer. It is just different than it was before.

It is a lot like taking your car to the repair shop…. If they change the battery in your car, you will need to reset your radio stations or at the very least you will need to readjust your seat. We can help you understand the changes that may appear in a repaired computer. As technology changes, there is a lot to learn in order to operate a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc… We are always here to help.

And please try not to say: "Ever since you worked on my computer..."

This article was originally posted in July 2014 on our Binary Aether Blog which is slowly being migrated here to our website.

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