Error 53 and iPhone Repair

The earliest rumblings of Error 53 hit in late September. If you haven’t heard of this sticky widget yet, read on for all the gory details.

What is Error 53?

Apple is reporting that Error 53 is a safeguard of iOS 9. It is meant to keep your information safe during unwanted attempts to disable your phone’s Touch ID function.

As described by an Apple spokesman, Error 53 also appears when an iPhone is serviced by an unauthorized repair center which uses faulty screens or imitation parts. These non-Apple parts invalidate the Touch ID function. Few have even reported this error appeared after they upgraded their phone to the new iOS 9 without prior repair work.

Here’s the problem:

Not everyone who has an iPhone 6 series phone (so far, the 5S is not affected) has AppleCare insurance. Many also live far outside of a major metropolitan area and don’t have direct access to an Apple repair center. These people may not realize that they run the risk of bricking their phone if they visit a third-party repair shop that chooses to use anything other than genuine Apple parts.

What does this mean for us?

We have always used only genuine OEM parts for our iPhone repair. Many of our customers were unhappy to see that our prices went up this summer due to a shortage of true Apple parts. We also have experienced prolonged outages of screens due to these shortages because we refuse to use after-market parts.
Rest assured that we will continue to use only OEM parts for our phone repair even if that means that we have to wait for screens to be released from backorder.

There are several groups threatening Apple with lawsuits over Error 53 as customers who have tried to practice due diligence in their iPhone care are experiencing bricked phones with no warning. Stay tuned for more on this quandary and all other important iPhone information. Hopefully, Apple can find a fix that will satisfy both security and repair concerns. While it is important for iPhone users to know that their data is secure, they also need to feel safe in knowing that they can receive quick and affordable repair services.

In the meantime, make sure that you are doing regular backups of your data to either iTunes or iCloud in case you find yourself with a bricked phone.

UPDATE 2/18/16

Apple has issued a patch of iOS9.2.1 to cure the Error 53 bug for those who use iTunes to update their phones.

Apple says that anyone who uses iCloud for updates should not be affected by Error 53.

They have explained that this bug was actually a factory test that was never meant to be released into the wild.

However, if you have had a third-party repair shop replace your touchID sensor with non-Apple parts, you will need to take your phone to an AppleCare center to have the part replaced.

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