Our Custom PCs are Built for Performance

You see them everywhere, ads for custom PCs promising the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs or less. Ok, maybe not ads quite like that but they do make you think that only their system will play your game of choice or business software the best. With them, you are just a number, with us you are a valued customer.

How do our custom PCs compare to the others?

First of all, let’s look at price comparison:

You may think you are getting a better deal with one of the big name custom PC builders, but once you compare their offered systems to ours and match all their components to ours, you will see that our price is about the same or lower. You may also find that you can’t get a perfect match to our system, because they often rely on generic hard drives or power supplies while we use only the best. We choose components for our systems that we would want (or have) in our own personal systems.

Next, check their shipping and handling charges. If they offer free shipping, see what that includes. Many of the big name custom PC builders charge extra for “secure shipping” details like extra packing materials or insured shipping. We don’t...we include those details as a part of our shipping.

With Absolute Computers, you will never wonder who is building your custom PC. We do! In our shop, we we control quality and service. This is why we say that you need to allow 10 days to two weeks for delivery of your system. We are like craft brewers. We don’t rush our product for the sake of profit. Our name is on every one of these systems so we don’t want any duds leaving our shop. We only build systems that we ourselves would be proud to run. Nothing is thrown together with spare parts around here. That is also why during peak demand times like the holidays or when a hot, new game title has been released, you may have to go on a waiting list to get one of our popular rigs.

Finally, we have noticed over the last year or so, many high-end custom computers landing in our shop just days old because they were shipped without all their necessary drivers. A lot of system builders out there are cutting corners by delivering systems without all of their software loaded in order to save time in their factory. I know for some of you this isn’t a problem...you can load these things yourself. But, we make sure all drivers are loaded on our systems before they leave our shop. That way we know that a fully working system is on its way to its new owner and can be used straight out of the box.

So if you want what everyone else has: Yes, you can purchase your next system from one of the high-volume online stores. But, if you want a quality-crafted, custom computer system, we will build you a system you can be proud of.

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