Quality Computer Repair Services

We have been providing quality computer repair services for customers all over Oklahoma and North Texas for 8+ years. Are you in need of computer repair? Or, are you ready to throw your system out the nearest window?

Here’s the scenario: It’s the weekend and you are working on a spreadsheet for work or a term paper for school. You’ve decided that you are going to do your work from your laptop while sitting in your favorite recliner. Suddenly, your phone rings. You move your laptop to the arm of the recliner and reach for your phone. The laptop lands on the floor instead. You quickly pick it up and see a not so beautiful rainbow of color splashed across the screen. As Charlie Brown would say, “AAARRRGGHH!!”

If this is you, we can help. We have replaced countless laptop screens, hard drives, power jacks and keyboards. We have brought many, many desktops and laptops back from the brink of disaster through the years.

Our Computer Repair Services Include Virus Eliminations

We are skilled virus killers, as well. If you have a system that has more viruses than the CDC, bring it to us and we will slay them all. The sophisticated viruses and malware that exist today are not the type you want to “clean around.” Most malware hides bits of code so it can give the appearance of having left your machine; however, after a couple of reboots, they are right back on your computer. This is why we wipe each system clean before reloading the operating system. This assures that no malware is left on your computer to live another day.

We give complete attention and detail to every repair that comes through our shop. And, with our three business day turn-around on all repairs not requiring special order parts, you will have your computer back quickly. Our computer repair services are top rate and affordable. You can rest assured that we will never talk you into unnecessary repairs or services.

We have all encountered the “never in a million years” accidents with our computers. Luckily most things can be repaired. However, if you drop your laptop in the pool….that probably can’t be fixed. But if your son or daughter decides to take the keys off of your laptop, we can help!

So, the next time you accidentally spill hot candle wax on your laptop keyboard or your grandchild downloads a mess of viruses on your desktop, bring it to us and we will fix it.

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