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Have you thought about taking online computer courses? If not, you should.

There is a disturbance in the force across America:  a shortage of people qualified for the fastest growing jobs.

Why is this?

They require a background in computer science. However, until now, this area of science has been ignored by public schools. Why is it that we require science classes from the elementary level through high school? We don’t expect all kids to become scientists, but we do expect them to have a practical background in things like weather, electricity, botany, biology, etc. Computer Science should be no different. Takemoto

In the last year there has been a call to action to have kids learn computer coding in school.

While not a perfect solution it is a step in the right direction. However, for most kids this is only going to amount to a ramped up typing class of old. They basically will be teaching kids how to use technology, program it somewhat, but they won’t have a solid understanding of how that device works or where it came from.

Take the CPU for instance.
(The central processing unit in your computers, cell phones, game consoles, etc..)

This device is probably the greatest, most sophisticated invention of mankind so far, but we have also managed to build it in such a way to make it very affordable. So, now many people think nothing of replacing their cell phones or laptops every year or two. The multi-core processors on the market today are crazy cool pieces of technology but most people have no idea how they work or how they are made. If there were a disruption in the creation of these processors, we would quickly lose all of our digital and computing devices.

So what I am saying is that learning computer coding is important and as Martha Stewart says: “It’s a good thing.” However, it is imperative for students to learn computer science as well. It could mean the difference in America remaining a superpower or becoming a third world nation.

If we have to rely on other countries to keep us viable in the communication age, we are in trouble.

Besides being important for the future of American security and stability, having a practical background in computer science will assure that kids will be able to compete for the top paying and fastest growing jobs. After the economic recession began in 2008, many discovered that jobs they once held, no longer existed.  New jobs are in the fields of data management & security, environmental remote sensing, biomedical research, etc. These jobs require more than a degree in business or banking.

True introductory Computer Science classes are taught without computers.

Most people are confused by this. In fact, I’ve noticed that many well known schools are starting their computer science classes with instruction in things like Java. Programming should come much later, not first. If you put the cart before the horse, you are going nowhere fast.

So, while I agree that coding is important; first and foremost, I think it is important to understand how computers work and use the data that we program into them.

Computer Courses for the Masses

*Watch this space *

We will soon be listing online computer courses that cover everything from coding to electronics. 

When it comes to computers don’t just be a user…be a builder

Interesting facts:

  • Steve Wozniak taught himself computer science with paper and pencils.
  • Computer information technology is projected to grow 12 percent over the next 10 years (faster than the average for all occupations) as reported on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website
  • Remote sensing scientist or technologist is showcased on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website as a job in high demand.
  • Wind turbine development is a new job field that is in demand and requires a computer science degree.
  • Many computer and video game development houses are now requiring computer science degrees for their positions.

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