Ting: Great New Cell Phone Carrier- UPDATE

Are you shopping around for a new cell phone carrier? We recently found ourselves in need of a cell phone for the shop. We've had many customers asking that we text them when their computers are ready and while I was able to send texts through email, it is just easier to do with a phone. Our family has been with T-Mobile since 2007 with no gripes but we have the unlimited family plan and we just didn't need that much data for the shop phone.

So, I took this occasion to try out Ting. I have been hearing about Ting while listening to podcasts over on Jupiter Broadcasting and their description of Ting's service sounded too good to be true. I went ahead last month and took the leap. We picked up a refurbished Samsung and set up an account with Ting. They delivered our new SIM card two days later. Their setup instructions were emailed to us and were super simple to follow.

This Cell Phone Carrier Has CDMA & GSM

What I discovered is that Ting uses Sprint's CDMA network and T-Mobile's GSM network which both have great coverage. Plus, Ting doesn't require a contract and their average monthly bill is $24. You can choose your minutes, message, and data tiers and you can set data caps anytime you like from your real-time dashboard. That means you can check your dashboard anytime to see what your current levels are and what your expected monthly bill will be.

Get $25 off a device or $25 credit towards your first bill!

You can purchase a phone from Ting (they offer CDMA and GSM phones) or you can bring your own. Also, if you use our referral link you will receive $25 off of a device or $25 Ting credit towards your first bill and we will receive a credit as well. Some of their current deals include the Motorola Moto E (CDMA) for $57 and the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 (GSM) for $63. They also have LG, Samsung, and Apple phones and Netgear Zing hotspots.

I will check back in periodically and let you know how things are going with Ting but I have to say, so far, I am very happy with our cell phone carrier decision. I especially love the part about no contract!


We signed up with Ting in mid-August and we've experienced nothing but great service, coverage and prices! Our October bill was $20.84 and our November bill was $10.53. Those are awesome prices for our shop dedicated cell phone! We've also carried this phone with us on all of our on-the-road ventures and we've had excellent coverage every time! Lovin' it!!

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