Firefox Browser: Why We Recommend It

If you are having problems with your Internet browser, like lag or blocked banking sites, you may need to update it or choose a different one altogether. Which should you choose?

Now that Microsoft is giving their attention to Edge, they are also making plans to mothball Internet Explorer. IE11 is the last version of Internet Explorer and is the only one that is receiving any security updates. That means if you are still on a Vista machine, your IE is no longer receiving security updates. Vista can't run IE11 so if this is you, you will need to choose a different browser. We recommend Firefox but many choose Chrome. Why do we recommend Firefox?

First and foremost, Firefox doesn't data-mine. This makes Firefox the fastest full-service browser available.

Secondly, it is secure and protects your privacy. Mozilla, the foundation behind Firefox, (yes, Firefox isn't corporately owned) takes your security and privacy very seriously and is constantly working to improve both.

Honorable mentions: It is fully customizable and offers an ad-free reading mode. In the reading mode, you can also choose the Narrate option and have the synthesizer read to you. You can also choose to sync your devices with Firefox so you will have your list of favorites and settings everywhere you go. HTML5 is now supported on Firefox and you can also watch your favorite shows on Netflix without having to add NPAPI plugins.

What About Chrome?

While Chrome is also a good choice, it looses points for fast battery drain and high processor usage. Also, security is not its strong suit. However, Chrome does have an integrated flash player and pdf reader. Since Chrome is corporate based, profit is its bottom line. This is why it is overrun with adware and tracking programs.

And Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is still in its early days and is missing a lot of functionality; however, they are constantly improving it. Edge is also weighed down with tracking functions but has a little less of the adware that plagues Chrome. Edge can only be installed on Windows 10. There are websites giving instructions on how to download Edge to earlier operating systems but none of these are easy or stable.

Installing the Firefox Browser is Easy

So our vote for the best, no-nonsense browser is Firefox. If you would like to download Firefox, follow the instructions on this page. You can choose to bypass the syncing and Firefox account setup. If you want these options later, you can go into settings and sign up for an account.

Another great function offered by Firefox is their “Refresh Firefox” option. If you begin to have problems with Firefox, the refresh feature will restore Firefox to its default state and save your important information like bookmarks and passwords. You can find this option in the help menu. You can also start Firefox in Safe Mode which can help you troubleshoot or fix problems. These two options are another reason why we recommend Firefox to our customers.

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