Today in Geek History for August

August 25

1991: Linus Torvalds’s famous post to a newsgroup about a free operating system he was working on. He said it was just a hobby. It was based on the old Unix operating system developed in 1969. This new OS would later be known as Linux but Linus wanted to name it “Freix”, which was pronounced ‘freaks’ and was a mish-mash of “free” and “Unix.”

1958: Tim Burton was born. Two of my favorite Burton films are Big Fish and Beetlejuice.

August/September 1977 – The Sears & Roebuck Wish Catalog (this was always an exciting time as a kid in the 70’s) was released featuring the awesome Atari 2600 console for the first time! The version that Atari manufactured for Sears was called Tele-Games Video Arcade and it was packaged with the Target Fun games cartridge (the same as Atari’s Air-Sea Battle.)

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