For the Love of Arcades

Video arcades once ruled our culture. Searching our room and digging thru the couch for quarters…that’s how Saturday mornings started for many of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s. We spent every free moment we had at the arcade or planning how to get there. We each had our own favorite games. Mine were Centipede and Tempest and Phil’s were Galaga and Robotron but we spent a lot of money on others as well.

When I think back to those times, everything was simple….shoot the bugs or aliens, win the free life at each 10,000 points, save the Universe. Oh yeah, your friends were all there with you and there was really cool music. What could be better?

So, several years back we started seeing all of these games showing up on Craigslist, at auctions, forgotten in people’s garages, and we decided that we would buy a few. As we started on our journey, we began meeting great people with a common interest….the love of arcade games.

Our children didn’t understand. Why would we love a game that looked so simple and required a steady stream of quarters to keep it going? They could sit on the couch and shoot aliens all day without having to spend a quarter (of course there are the electricity and Internet bills to contend with) but something was lacking.

I am sad that our kids won’t get to experience the thrill of meeting at the arcade: the non-stop music and lights; the black carpet speckled with planets and stars. Over the years, video games were over-run by redemption games. Our children were just interested in collecting tickets so they could turn them in for bouncy balls and pencil toppers. Now, when you see a Galaga game out in the wild, it is relegated to a dark corner of the pizza parlor where no one goes.

Through our collecting, we are converting our kids. Our youngest son is a huge fan of arcade games. He likes the NeoGeo’s. Our middle son and daughter still prefer the console games. They like to battle it out against each other but I bet we could win them over with Area 51. And our two oldest daughters have a healthy appreciation for pinball – that’s pretty cool.

I love pinball as much as I love video games. Something we’ve learned in our travels: there is a tension that exists between the pinball and video arcade game universes. It is very similar to the Star Trek / Star Wars fanboy throw downs.

I want to live in a world where we all live happily together…pinball beside video arcade; beeping and pinging in harmony….

But I digress.

Do you have a video arcade game in need of repair?

Contact us for information and estimates. We recently had an Area 51 in the shop for a monitor repair. Love that game!

Alongside the video arcade games that we rebuild and refurbish, we also sell Multicades.

These cabinets allow you to have 60 or more of your favorite old school games in one unit. We sell full sized cabinets and cabaret sized units. We also have done cocktail and tabletop versions as well.

Check back often for the next available unit. They often sell faster than we can build them.

You can take a look at pictures of our full-sized and cabaret Multicades on our Facebook page.

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