Mojang Just Made Minecraft Better

Mojang has released its new launcher for Windows PC and Mac OS X and the great news is: They’ve fixed the Java problem! Milev

There aren’t many programs (outside of gaming) these days that require Java but Minecraft is one of them. Minecraft is an awesome program but its reliance on Java leaves computers at risk for zero day exploits. In 2013, Java was responsible for 90% of all zero day exploits on PCs. Now that’s not to say that Java was doing the hacking…..unfortunately, Java is just a favorite portal for hackers.

Java is not a bad program; it is just too easy to manipulate its code. (Actually, in the beginning, that was the beauty of Java.) Also, a lot of people have old, outdated versions of Java still running on their systems either because they’ve never updated them or they didn’t uninstall the old copies when they downloaded the new upgrades.

Mojang's New Launcher Now Bundles Java

Mojang’s new launcher will now bundle a standalone version of Java into its installation package which will sandbox Java, so to speak, and make it much more stable and secure. By sandboxing Java inside the Minecraft installation package, Java will no longer be required to broadcast throughout your machine.

Once you download the new Minecraft launcher, you can uninstall Java from your machine (as long as no other programs you are running require Java). The new Minecraft launcher can be downloaded from the official Minecraft website.

If you need assistance switching to the new launcher on your PC, you can check out this article over at How-To Geek.

This article was originally posted in September 2015 on our Binary Aether Blog which is slowly being migrated here to our website.

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