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Linux distributions offer an alternative to the costly and intrusive Windows and Mac operating systems. In a nutshell, this is a free and open source operating system. This means that the underlying source code can be used, modified and distributed for free.

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Linus Torvalds created Linux in 1991.

Its origins lie in the Unix operating system that was developed in 1969. From 1971 through 1997, the foundation was laid by several people for Linux to become a strong contender in the operating system universe.
There are many different Linux distributions available but two of the most popular are Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Ubuntu comes with the Gnome user interface and Kubuntu utilizes the KDE user interface. A user interface controls the display for the user. It creates the design and appearance of a program. (For example, the Metro Page or Modern UI in Windows 8 was a new user interface for Windows users.)

Linux is a great choice for any computer not just Absolute Computer’s customized systems. We have converted many desktops and laptops from XP (which is no longer supported by Microsoft) to Mint and Ubuntu 14.04.

Ubuntu’s Gnome UI is probably a more comfortable match for Mac users and the Kubuntu’s KDE interface is a better fit for PC/Windows users. Another popular Linux distribution is Linux Mint 17.1. This operating system has been a great fit for people who loved their Windows 7 but are now moving over to Linux. Mint is a complete system that is ready to go upon opening. The need to download “add on’s” like Flash player are not necessary.

If you would like to bypass the expense of a new Windows operating system, and receive a solid, stable and flexible operating system, then Linux may be your answer. Several of these operating systems are very easy to use and they are virtually ignored by malware designers.

As of 2013, there were over 7 million Linux distributions available.

A distro or distribution is a set of software applications built upon a Linux based operating system. Many are well known such as Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Oracle, and OpenSUSE. They also can be written for many different settings such as an operating system for limited hardware. Puppy Linux checks in at 85MB, making it fast and compact.

Each month The Linux Foundation grows in numbers which in turn benefits its users as the amount of programs that can be used with Linux increases.

  • Valve, the creators of the largest online gaming platform, Steam, announced in 2013 their move to provide Steam for Linux. Right now, the best Linux system for Steam is Ubuntu.
  • In 2015, Autodesk, the software design group best known for AutoCAD, joined the Linux Foundation as a corporate member.

Check back here often for our news and updates on the Linux front.

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