Making the Switch to Internet TV

Have you been debating whether it's time to switch to Internet TV?

This is something we have toyed with for quite a while and I spent hours researching websites discussing the different platforms and their pros and cons. We finally made the switch in 2014. Initially, I worried about what several TVs running Internet TV alongside family members who were working or gaming online would do to our Internet connection; however, I found no lag time what so ever.

Finally, push came to shove. Our cable provider began removing channels from our channel lineup and replaced them with channels we wouldn't watch. So, even though our cable prices didn't go up, we ended up with less television. I looked into the cost of upgrading our Internet connection and dropping our cable. I also figured the cost of three Roku devices, memberships for Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. We are now paying less for TV and enjoying higher quality (and quantity) television and movies. Yes, some streaming channels have commercials but others like Netflix and Amazon Prime do not.

But, Can I Find News and Weather on Internet TV?

When customers ask us about Internet TV, their first questions are about the availability of local news and weather. On the local news issue: I tend to just go to the website of our local news stations for local news. In that way, it is "on demand." Although many major markets like Denver and San Deigo have Roku channels. In the Roku channel lineup there are several news channels such as NBC and Fox News. In the weather department they have channels like Weather Nation and Weather Underground. Both of these channels have everything you would need to keep up to date on your local weather. As for sports, there are several channels to choose from including ESPN and CBS Sports.

Yes, some of these Internet TV channels require a monthly fee but if you only purchase the channels you really want you will probably be spending the same or a little more for television you get to choose. Roku also offers many free channels covering everything from retro television and movies to a myriad of special interests.

We chose the Roku 3 streaming device because of its ease of use and 3,000+ channel lineup. The fact that the remote control has a headphone jack is a really cool plus. The new Roku 3 devices also include voice search.

The Amazon Fire TV had only been on the market for a short time when we made the switch. I’ve read good things about it and think it would make a good choice also. Amazon Fire TV has 4,000+ channels and 1,200+ games. It has more games than any other streaming device including Minecraft and Lego Star Wars.

We don’t own any Mac products so the Apple TV was a no-go for us. Google’s Chromecast is very affordable but I found it to be difficult to use. It seems to be more useful if you choose to do your streaming on your laptop.

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I have to say, we love our Roku’s and would never look back. Yes, there are some shows that we have to wait to see but we don’t consider that a hardship. Although you can purchase current seasons of most popular TV shows like The Walking Dead through Amazon Prime. We just enjoy having a ton of shows to choose from.

This article was originally posted in April 2015 on our Binary Aether Blog which was migrated here to our website. Updated July 2016.

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