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Absolute Computer News, Issue #003-- Online Orders and Intel vs AMD
August 01, 2016

August News: Online Orders & Intel vs AMD

August 1, 2016 / Issue 1, Vol. 4

August newsletter??? Where is the July newsletter? My apologies to everyone for the skip. This summer has been a busy one. I've been working hard on getting our online computer science classes up and running. I also have been preparing our website for online custom build orders. Thanks for your patience and on with the newsletter:

Absolute Computer News delivers up-to-date news in the world of technology and all things Geek.

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Intel vs AMD There is quite a bit of competition between Intel and AMD and there are definitely fanboys on both sides. You may notice that on our custom built systems, we are using Intel CPUs for the home and office systems and AMD for the PC gaming rigs. Here is the why:
computer sales You can now order our custom built systems directly from our website or stop by and order your build in person! Whether you are looking for a home/office rig (Sales page) or a custom PC rig (PC Gaming page) or you want to try Ubuntu (Linux page)...we've got a system for you.

Computer Science Online Courses Level One of our Basics of Computer Science online courses is now available. Level One includes: -An explanation of what computer science is and isn’t -A description of the main fields and departments of computer science -The jobs forecast for computer science professionals -A quick introduction to electronics basics and the basic working parts of a computer -History of the computer -An overview of our modern use of computers for communication

Level Two is also now available. This next level dives into the heart of computer science with a study of electricity, circuitry, binary language, and an introduction to Boolean logic.

I am currently working on Level Three and it will be released later in August. While these courses are in their pilot stage, they will be offered at lower prices. After the pilot stage ends, the prices will go up. However, if you sign up for the courses before the prices change, you will have lifetime access to the programs and all the revisions and additions added later.

Don't get left behind in the race for the fastest growing jobs!

Pokemon Go Crashes and Fixes The new Pokemon Go craze is creating some headaches and we saw our first instance of a bug in the code recently in our shop. Pokemon Go fixes are a top priority at ComicCon for Niantic. There are also several fake apps that are locking phones...the app itself is free. Please, only download from Google Play or iTunes store.

Oh yeah, and watch where you are going while hunting...

Malwarebytes News:

malwarebytes On July 8th, the FTC took down 6 tech call scammers in North America who have amassed around 1.5 billion dollars annually. Big Dog Solutions, Help Desk National, Help Desk Global, PC Help Desk, Inbound Call Specialist, BlackOptek CE, 9138242 Canada and Digital Growth Properties were all shut down in the sweep. That's just North America...we have a long ways to go.

Remember, if a pop-up on your computer says you need to update Firefox or Flash or says it has found malicious programs and asks you to call their number for assistance or gives you a link to click on -- Don't do it! Stay safe and load Malwarebytes

Microsoft Pays $10K in Lawsuit A shot across the bow in the the Microsoft Auto-upgrade saga.

A California woman has won her case against Microsoft. She sued MS for lost wages and the cost of a new computer after an unauthorized upgrade to Windows 10 crashed her computer. MS chose not to appeal.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

See you next month!


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