30 Days With Ubuntu

Frustrated and feeling constrained, I began my 30 days with Ubuntu in February. You're probably wondering, “What does 30 days with Ubuntu mean?” Well, pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and I'll tell you.

I began playing around with Linux back in the late 90's. At that time, my dad told me about this great new operating system that was going to change the world.  My dad started his work with computers in the 1960's. He built his own computer business in the late 70's. Early on, his struggle was with IBM and later it was Microsoft. When he saw Linux on the horizon, it gave him great hope in the future. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002 but if he were around today to see the progress of Linux, he would be pleased.

Back to my 30 Days With Ubuntu...

The line in the sand was drawn. I was fed up. I woke up with a stress headache and needed to change something.....so why not commit to Ubuntu like I've been saying I was going to? The coming of Windows 10 to my home system is looming. Everyday that little blue box appears, taunting me. Why haven't you switched yet? You won't be one of the cool kids if you don't switch....come on, drink the kool-aid.


Not gonna.

So I flipped over to my Ubuntu drive, updated her (it had been many moons since the last update) and I started thinking....what do I need on my Ubuntu drive to be able to live over here full time?

I emailed myself a couple of spreadsheets and documents from my Windows 7 hard drive and opened them on the Ubuntu drive....all went well. Aahhh..it is already feeling more comfy over here.

Next, I collected my flash drives (triple redundancy because I grew up in the 70s and 80s) and started moving documents to my Ubuntu drive. All of them opened flawlessly. Excel and Word became Calc and Writer. My MP3s and pictures (lots of Dad's old slides from Vietnam) opened without a hitch.

Now I am working on setting my most necessary bookmarks in Firefox. I thought about just bringing everything across from my Windows 7 Firefox bookmarks, but after years of collecting, it's time to weed those out. Why not start fresh with a more manageable list?

I think my headache is going away.....

The main things that I use my home system for are: website management, course work, accounting.
I am  now using Shotwell and Gimp for my web graphics and they seem to be working well. I am using Text Editor for my pre-loaded posts.

I have set up my Ubuntu drive at work and am moving files over to it. Next, I will set up my HP inkjet printer with my home Ubuntu. It is already set to print to our HP Officejet with no problems. However, I've never been able to get my old Dell 948 to talk to my Ubuntu. No tears there though, the printer is really old and sort of a pain in the @$$.

So, here is how the rest of the month went....

Yes, I did get the HP Deskjet set up very quickly (plug and play). At work, I hooked my Ubuntu drive into the rest of our network so I could use our networked printers there. Every document whether it is a spreadsheet or a pdf or a Word document, has opened flawlessly on my Ubuntu drive using LibreOffice.

I have not needed my Windows drives for anything. In my home office, I have Windows 7 and at the shop, I have a Windows 10 drive. Yes, both of these OS's work fine, but I'm tired of the burden of mother-may-I software. I want something that will allow me to get under the hood, so to speak, if I so choose.

And here is my challenge to those of you looking for a change:

Give Ubuntu or Mint a try. These are both great operating systems with easy learning curves. I personally am sticking with Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) for now as it is a long term service program. Ubuntu actually rolled out 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) last October; however, Trusty is going to be serviced until April 2019 whereas Wily will be serviced until July 2016.

You can get information on Ubuntu here.

After 30 days with Ubuntu, you may surprised at the freedom, plus, you may also find that your computer seems to be running faster....an added bonus!

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