Welcome to Absolute Computers!

In a galaxy far, far away….Phil began to dream of this idea of a computer repair business away from the metro and near a beautiful lake. He had grown tired of the corporate life. His corporate job as the hands-on systems administrator for a FORTUNE 1000, global company had him constantly on the go.

In those waning days of VAX systems, occasionally you would come across that one Renaissance man that would handle everything from building and repairing servers to writing software programs to managing user permissions and everything that fell in between. Phil was that “dude.”

Phil had many offices that he supported and therefore had a lot of “windshield time” to think about the wild and wonderful things that could be done with computers. Every day he saw countless desktops hidden under desks, covered by books and folders….it was a shame. So he began to build systems in his spare time out of everyday household objects.

When we opened Absolute Computers in 2008,

we primarily dealt with repairs and custom builds. Today, we still offer excellent computer repair services at our Ardmore location and you can find our custom desktop systems here in our online store. Locally, we provide repair services to customers from all over Oklahoma and parts Texas. And we ship our custom desktop builds all over the contiguous United States.  

A lot has changed for us over the past year.

We are currently in the process of moving to our new location at 26 N. Washington (Across from Hamburger Inn for you foodies out there). For the month of September you can still visit our shop at 12th & Washington. We are also doing an overhaul of our website and podcast. September is definitely a busy month! Please excuse our construction dust.

Our online sales of custom computers has grown at a fast rate. Currently we only ship to the lower 48 states but due to constant requests, we will continue to study expansion to other places as well.  We have also noticed that currently there is a need in the marketplace to provide answers and solutions for computer users from all walks of life.

Whether you are a small business owner, a PC gamer, a student or home user, you need a place that will shoot straight with you and save you time and money when it comes to choosing a computer. We can help you avoid the technology pitfalls of "the shiny new things" and the constriction of the new operating systems and software.

We want to help people get an honest deal in the epic struggle between corporate siren songs and the common user's pocketbook. We all have a need for computers now and they know it. They are banking on your lack of knowledge about their product to sell you an overpriced, underperforming device that will need to be replaced in a year or two.

Consider us your first stop when looking for current laptop, desktop, or component information. Take a look around our site...you will not see any paid advertising for devices. We offer Amazon links and that's about it. We want you to “purchase smart” because as more people “purchase smart” we all benefit because the corporations will start building better quality devices. So, whether you choose to purchase one of our custom systems or use the information we provide to choose a new laptop somewhere else, we want to make sure that you have the best information possible to make an informed decision with.

We only sell our own custom builds because we know what's in them and are proud of what we build. We build these same systems for our family and friends. We don't cut corners on cheap power supplies or hard drives in order to make a buck or two. Our name goes on our systems so we stand behind the components we build into them.

We work hard to honestly answer the questions you have and even the ones you haven't thought about yet. Use any of our contact forms located on our site to send us your question and we'll get you an answer quickly. We put everything here in one place using simple organization so you can quickly answer your question and not be barraged by a ton of flashing ads or fluff pieces.

We cut through the noise and give you facts. Yes, you can find this information on your own but you will have to wade through tons of fake or fluff sites and risk landing on some malware ridden sites before you find your information. Let us save you time.